Having attended several of these amazing Acts Life Cluster times over the last few years, I was fully expectant of an amazing weekend for several reasons:

  • A sense of seriousness as well as family time
  • A time of building together on what has already been established over the last few years
  • Sharing of our own individual church family experiences of God’s work amongst us
  • Imparting of vision for the Acts Life Cluster within COTN for the coming days
  • A time of relaxation, fun and getting to know each other in a deeper way – especially as we unwind and chat over delicious meals together
  • Seeking God’s heart for us, as His people, and working towards it together

This Cluster weekend was no exception… in fact I found it the best yet, as we spent the time in an atmosphere of relationship and thankfulness for what God has been doing. Hearing John Scholtz speak about a Biblical Worldview was refreshing, because although I had heard about this before, John spoke from his heart and unpacked his perspective with such enthusiasm and passion. I’ve always found the topic of a Biblical worldview a challenging ‘get-your-head-around-it’ subject, but John left us with lots of food for thought and challenged each of us to chew over what a Biblical worldview means for us personally. For myself, I was challenged on how I look at things in regards to the Hebrew or Greek mindset and how that influences the way I view life. It gave me an explanation of why I see things in life the way I do.

A highlight for me was hearing feedback from Dave and Carol Cape from Walking the Way. They spoke of the incredible encounters they had as God brought people to them who were hungry to know more about Jesus, many giving their hearts to Him. What an amazing prophetic walk! There was so much blessing and still so much more to be revealed.

Another highlight is that the Cluster weekends are made up of a wide range of ages. From the young 20-30’s, the 40-50’s, and yes, even the 60-70’s (us included!) – all working together, leaning forward with no barriers. To me, this is confirmation that the work of building God’s Kingdom is ongoing, all encompassing, and that, as Dave Cape once said to us, ‘There is no retirement in God’s Kingdom’! From youth to grey hairs there is always a place for us. A work to be done that needs ALL of our skills working together, and the Cluster weekend is certainly the place that confirms and affirms this for me.

It was such an amazing and blessed time!!!

– Jennifer Biddlecombe, Jubilee Church


God has your back!

“The Acts Life Cluster was a divine moment for my family. First, we are so grateful to be part of an amazing church fellowship. When we moved into the UK a little over a year, we did it by obedience to God’s perfect instruction and timing. But we needed His confirmation that Maidstone and Jubilee were the right places for us. In fact, deep in our hearts we already knew it, but we also knew that the people around us would be the next step of God’s confirmation. That’s how he works, confirming what he already said. We also had a chance to know a bit more about the foundation of COTN and the leadership’s vision for the church and its mission to transform society by spreading strong and powerful biblical principles and reshaping the way we see the world. That’s just an awesome confirmation that we are indeed at the right place and perfect timing. We have no doubts that God has great plans in store for our church family and trust me, Maidstone is only the start, we just need to be ready for it.”

– Wanderson Machado, Jubilee Church


“We had a fantastic time away at the Acts Life Cluster. John and Jane Scholtz shared so powerfully and it was encouraging to see and hear all that God is doing amongst our Cluster. As John was sharing at the last session of the weekend, God reminded me of how we are called to make a difference and how important it is to have and apply His truth and principles in my own life in order to make a difference in other’s lives and in our wider community. All in all, a fab weekend and I felt privileged to be a part of it!”

– Becky Steele, Jubilee Church