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In the book of Acts we see instances where the Apostles Paul and Barnabas collaborated on certain ministry endeavours along with their respective teams in order to further advance the Kingdom.

In that same spirit we are excited to invite you to a joint Cluster Time in the United Kingdom taking place on the weekend of October 12-14 2018. Our two Clusters, being part of the COTN family will gather together for a wonderful time of impartation and connection called ‘SHOW ME THE WAY’.

We have managed to find an outstanding venue just on the outskirts of Windsor, at the De Vere, Beaumont Estate. The Estate is located in a beautiful setting and is very elegantly appointed, with lovely conference, accommodation and dining facilities along with generously laid coffee and refreshment stations, which will be open to us most of the time.The venue also boasts stunning grounds, a gym and swimming pool.

We are truly expecting the Holy Spirit to meet with us in an extra ordinary way as we seek the Lord’s face to ‘Show us the Way’.

We believe this will also be a significant and precious opportunity to discover, strengthen and foster relationships and make new friends across the broader COTN family so that we can unite and build together as we advance His Kingdom.

We are somewhat limited in the spaces we have been able to reserve, and have already made a substantial and worthwhile financial commitment in securing the venue, so we would appreciate your quick and early commitment, both in reservation and payment.

This promises to be a wonderful and strategic time together and we look forward to seeing you there. So…don’t miss out.

With much love and every blessing,

Dave & Carol, Louis & Edna